I am Chaya, a 33-year-old teacher who is associated with IDEA Foundation since 2010. It has been an incredible journey, and I am sure it is going to be even better in the future. IDEA Foundation was searching for backward communities to extend its helping hand back in 2010 and discovered that an area called Lamanwasti was in urgent need. I heard about the opportunity and signed up for the same. I was immediately appointed as a part of the foundation. My qualification at that time was till 12th grade and a diploma in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education).

After banding hands with IDEA Foundation, I realized the importance of education and hence decided to complete my graduation. I also joined another school, school, in my morning hours. I continued my education beyond Bachelor of Arts and did a Diploma in Education with a whopping score of 72%. It was surely difficult to manage both teachings in school and study centre and also studying together. But I knew it wasn’t impossible.

IDEA Foundation awarded me with the “Best Teacher Award” twice in a row. I am thankful to them for providing me with an opportunity to bring a change in the community and appreciating my work.