IDEA Sponsorship Program

While working with underprivileged communities we come across children who lack basic necessities like education, nutrition, and health care. IDEA sponsorship program is a great help to such children from deprived background.  Through this program, we make sure that the children will complete their schooling through continuous support from our social workers.

  • The objective of the program is to reduce the number of children dropping out of school by means of educational sponsorship.
  • The focus is on all round development of children by providing Life skills and Career Counselling.
  • Both direct and indirect assistance is provided to beneficiaries, with a special focus on education of girls.


Needy and deserving children, especially from high school classes, are provided with educational sponsorship in the form of school materials, uniforms / civic dress, school and coaching class fees and opportunities for their all-round development through co-curricular activities.


Social workers regularly meet the sponsored children and their parents at their residence. As per the interaction with children, parents and need assessment of social workers the activities are designed and conducted.  The response to the program has been overwhelming, children opt for the vocational training courses as well and few have even taken activity based sessions for their peers from other schools and areas. The most important trait which we feel this program develops in children is generosity to give back to the society.