Mr. Balakrishna Pillai

Dr. Usha Pillai

Mrs. Sushama  Apte

Mr. Dattatraya  Waghmare

Dr.Usha Varghese.

Smt. Krupavati Iyer

Mr. Unmesh Krishnan




The Governing Council or IDEA Board is the Apex policy making body of IDEA. Being an active social organization, our members are used to donning multiple roles and support the ultimate motive of societal welfare. Apart from taking policy level decisions, each member has also taken up the responsibility of certain major focus areas in order to ensure smooth administration and operations for the initiatives undertaken by IDEA.


IDEA Board (As on 1st April 2018)


IDEA Hands


1. Dr.  Usha Pillai (Director) 2. Ms. Mrinal Badawe (Associate Director), 3. Mr. Ravikiran Patil (Associate Director), 4. Mr. Arun Kamble (Manager: Accounts & Admin), 5. Ms. Geetanjali Deshmukh ( Resource Mobilization Manager), 6. Ms. Usha Bhosale (Facilitator-cum-Instructor), 7. Mr. Suraj Mohite (Coordinator ), 8. Mr. Vinayak Landge (Accounts and Admin. Assistant), 9. Ms. Swati Karhale (Social Worker), 10. Purushottam Pawar (Donor Service Officer), 11.Ms. Manjusha Pandit (Senior Programme coordinator), 12. Ms. Anita Chalwadi (Social Worker), 13. Mr. Rajesh Paikrao (Senior Programme coordinator), 14. Mr. Surekha Sukale (Senior Social Worker), 15. Ms. Anita Khatikpatil (Senior Social Worker), 16. Mr. Pranav Tribhuvan (Marketing Executive), 17. Ms. Jyoti Pawar (Instructor), 18. Ms. Shaila Khunte (Instructor), 19. Ms. Anjali Katole (Facilitator-cum-Instructor), 20. Mr. Prafulla Uparwat (Special Educator), 21. Ms. Vidya Gholap (Special Educator), 22. Dr. Preeti Prabhune (Consultant- Community-based Learning Centers), 23. Ms. Bhavna Gharodiya (Coordinator), 24. Mr. Kamlesh Bhilare (Office Assistant)