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Project Umang:

IDEA in association with TATA Communications Ltd runs project Umang in Pune. The project started in November’ 2014 and is aimed at the betterment of women from underprivileged section of the society. IDEA conducts skill development need assessment surveys in different communities of Pune and nearby areas. According to survey results, vocational courses are announced in that particular area.

Various vocational courses being offered as on date are:

  1. Computer Literacy Course: Under the National Digital Literacy Mission IDEA is running the computer literacy programs, for which the course designed by NASSCOM Foundation and is also our technology partner in delivering the course. The program is aimed to benefit every individual from the Digital India campaign.
  2. Finance Literacy Program: Finance Literacy program is developed by TATA Capital and it is a one-month interactive online course with nine modules, available in English as well as in Hindi. Primary knowledge of banking, insurance, retirement plans, and investments are covered in this course with the help of an audiovisual aid. The students are finding it really useful
  3. Beautician: “Need some details”
  4. Tailoring: “Need some details”
  5. Fashion Designing: “Need some details”
  6. Art and Craft: “Need some details”