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Computer Literacy Program

As the inability to comprehend or access computers, the internet, and the digital world in general, is causing a new form of poverty among those who are already economically disadvantaged, we have joined hands with Government of India to promote National Digital Literacy Mission. We have 3 NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission) centers now, situated at different parts of Pune city

Our NDLM centers are attracting many students. We are conducting regular 3-month courses in these centers with at least 3 batches daily.

As a part of digital literacy drive, we are also conducting awareness sessions and one-day computer training in different community centers for women and young girls. These one-day programs are mainly for women from underprivileged background to help them understand the importance of digital literacy in the present scenario. We explain to them the use of computer and smart phones to make their lives easy. This one-day training program is giving them an idea of computer usage, by introducing them to simple computer applications.